About us

About us

Welcome to the fabulous, magnificent (and exceptionally modest) Finch Bakery!

A small, fun loving cake shop in the North West, started by twin sisters who had a passion for creating deliciousness!

Starting as a university hobby and baking out of their parent’s kitchen, Lauren and Rachel Finch opened Finch Bakery doors in Great Harwood in April 2016 and have never looked back.

In the blink of an eye, a business that started out as a calorific hobby has quickly transformed into a shop, a unit, 14 jobs, a van, and an online service, all while keeping their reputation of being THE place to get your favourite goodies and cake wonders from.

Bringing a unique brand and product to the world of cake and changing the perspective of young people in local businesses as you know it!


The second half of the boss but the first half to leave the famous Finch name behind her! Lauren is the go to gal when it comes to your stunning wedding cakes as she is the longest serving cake maker/artist that we have here at FB! With a business degree under her belt, she is the one keeping on top of our cake booking system, finances (and other boring stuff) but someone has to do it and she does it so well! She has a talent for helping us see the bright side in situations and can always coax a laugh out of people... even when it’s been a tough day. At work you’ll usually find her singing and dancing to Westlife... or any R&B song from yesteryear. Outside of work you’ll catch her grafting hard at the gym to get toned up for the next social event, finding plants/artwork for her house or devouring a Nando’s platter with her dashing husband Ed!


Rachel makes up one 1/2 of the boss here at the bakery. A mother to baby Alba, and the owner of a business, it’s unbelievable to think she has the time to keep her weave and nails so on fleek... but she does! Despite her authority she is the first to throw a “thigh slapping” joke at everyone first thing in the morning, and she generally brings a fun and understanding warmth to the team. Rachel is a fabulous cake maker and is the creator of the original FB “half and half” cake. She is even sometimes seen as the ‘big sister’ figure, that our younger staff go to in times of (boy drama) crisis and need. In work you’ll find her throwing spoons of Nutella at her sister and bopping along to International Love by Chris Brown. Outside of work she likes to spend her time in her PJs with her boyfriend Dec, watching baby TV with Alba or scoffing down a takeaway with friends.


Isabel came to us as a shy 18 year old and has truly FLOURISHED during her time with us. Over the last 18 months, she has worked tirelessly on her personal cake artistry skills, all while remaining true to our brand and our distinctive “FB” style. She has become one of our top occasion cake artists (and tasters lol) and is also an advocate for keeping up the recycling here at the bakery and keeps us all in check when it comes to keeping our carbon footprint down! Isabel micromanages the rest of the bakery when the twins are busy and often reminds us all that the recycling bin is for recycling only! In her spare time you’ll find her rambling up hills with Samuel Moriarty, going on long walks with her dad and Bella the dog, or throwing back a few jägers with friends in her beloved (Rawten)STALL.


Tessa came to us as a woman of broken dreams, and was only supposed to work with us for 3 months to pay off a holiday... 2 years later and we can’t get rid of her! She started as a self proclaimed “bun mule” and now, makes the most gorgeous/glam occasion cakes for our gorgeous/glam customers. With her self diagnosed hyperactivity, she certainly brings her own brand of energy to the working days here and has become the resident Finch Bakery anchor woman via our infamous live videos. She’d lend a hand to anyone here no matter what the job and our customers often comment on her infectious personality. Whilst not working part time at the bakery, she manages other social media accounts and you’ll catch her on various dating apps swiping yes to the 5/10s of the Ribble Valley or getting too boozy and chatting waffle on Instagram.

Molly J

The Mollster! (Also known as Molly 1) became an FB bun hun pretty recently after tasting some Finch goodies and needing an excuse to get her hands on more! A local girl, you’ll usually find her at the Bonny Inn or singing in gigs at our fine local establishments. At the demure age of 19 she already holds a season ticket for Rios (rendezvous of Whalley) and has established herself as one of our finest shop servers and blondie tasters!

Molly D

The Mollenator! (Also known as Molly 2) our other stunning, 19 year old, recently hired shop girl named Molly (keep up or this can get confusing). Molly wasted no time in finding her place at FB and now can churn out the most delicious, different flavoured blondies in record time! She’s infamous for sneaking Finch treats in her bag wherever she goes, like for example when we caught her on the dance-floor of “the clurb” eating one of our brownies out of her clutch bag. Out of hours she like to chill with friends, tuck into her Grandma’s chicken casserole and watch mukbang YouTube videos.

Lauren HF

Lauren joined our team in the summer of 2018 and is such a kind and friendly soul to everyone she works with. She brings great “vibes” (one of her favourite phrases) and FB is just the starting point for her as she confesses that her dream is to one day be a full time food blogger. She loves working with colours and often finds any excuse to make our cakes and jars a rainbow of different shades and always produces creative work.  Recently trained up to decorate cakes, her favourite cake accessory is the chocolate shard. When she is kicking back at the weekends she likes to spend time with her husband Simon in the Cotswolds, eating at Baratxuri in “Rammy” or spying on her neighbour (Bugzy Malone) through her blinds.


Alex joined our team recently as an afternoon pot wash, but sometimes she ventures into the kitchen to help out (but often needs a detailed sketch to follow in order to remember how to make cake jars)! Alex is known in the bakery for her straight forward attitude and advice, and takes no nonsense. She is found out of work doing her other job... Dog Walking by Alex (*shameless plug*) which entails... err… walking dogs. This welly donning, leopard print wearing party animal can often be found booking various gigs, festivals and random weekends away or spinning at the gym and excelling at netball, or most often in her home town of Great Harwood most infamous haunts, namely “the Wam.”


Hannah is actually the longest standing employee of FB! Coming into the bakery as a shy 14 year old to ask for two weeks work experience in October 2016, Hannah has come on leaps and bounds and there is nothing she cannot do. Decorating cakes, making jars, organising the entire bakery… there are no ends to her talent. As well as being total sass queen, she is also studying for her A-levels. Outside of work you can find her bowling, studying and snapchatting from dusk to dawn.


The newest of our bun huns, this hard working gal is our pot wash on a Saturday. As well as being glam gorg for every shift, Erin can often be found being given boy advice (even when she doesn’t ask for it), gossiping with all the girls and helping with the general organisation and tidying of the bakery. Outside of work you’ll find her studying hard for her GCSEs.


Tiny Leanne is the one woman you’d be foolish to underestimate. She has after all, carried twins and snapped back to a size 8 in the past! She keeps our amazing factory running like a well oiled machine and makes juggling being Nanny Finch, a wife, cleaner, operations manager, van driver and mother to three look like easy work! She once told us that she wakes up looking like Bart Simpson every morning, but with her perfectly put together fleece and trackie combos it really is hard to believe! When she isn’t at work she enjoys relaxing at home with husband Stuart and the rest of the time you’ll catch her at the gym, gossiping with her friends or singing The Grand Old Duke of York with her granddaughter Alba.


Kim is our Scouse-turned-Lancashire lady who loves to bake (Everton, if you’re wondering). She works at our unit and is a vital part of our brownie baking, cupcake cooking team! Kim loves spending time with her husband Matt and her two children. Her wedding theme was Star Wars and the guest of honour was Darth Vader! Kim is a majority shareholder in Slimming World and can’t pronounce the word cinnamon.


Mandy is another lady who holds the unit together with her talented baking skills and jar making abilities! Mandy loves baking but much prefers eating cake (unless it’s almond flavour) which is why she is chief taste tester! Her special talent is being able to eat cake without gaining weight. Outside of work, Mandy is married to Richard and mummy to three boys. She loves spending time with her family but never gets time away from her children (!) as they have no babysitter. Babysitting vacancy, apply within…


Gillian works up at our unit part time and has learnt all the tricks of the trade during her time at FB. She doesn’t eat much cake herself, she prefers drinking. Gillian has the best surname EVER.... Toogood AKA Toogoodtobetrue! Married to Peter and mummy to Emma, Gillian likes spending time with her family and cooking at home, whilst collecting corks from all the fizz she drinks. She is a keen gardener and golfer, and is working on her handicap, which is currently that she has to use a step to reach the top shelf of the fridge. She and Lauren HF are the shortest FB team members- barely 5 foot each!


Our final member of the Finch Bakery squad is Julie. She’s often threatened with her P45, but on her good days makes everyone laugh with her rude jokes and innuendos. Married to Trev, mummy to Jade and Brecon, she absolutely loves spending time with her two grandchildren. Julie likes baking and eating kitkats but won’t eat olives even though we hide them well in her lunchtime salads. She is the only one of us that can do the floss (so she thinks). Julie’s nickname is Rapunzel as she has the most amazing hair!

Could you be next?

We're always looking for new members to the FB squad. Get in touch if you're interested in joining our award winning bakery.